Frequently Asked Questions

What is a research study?

A research study is a scientific way of collecting information. Every study has a goal, and tries to answer questions about something that’s new of different. The goal of this research study is to see if a birth control pill currently available with a prescription should be made available without a prescription.

Can I take part in this research study?

The study is open to girls and women aged 11 and over who are thinking about taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. If you are interested, we will ask a few questions to make sure you qualify to take part.

Will I get the birth control pill? / How do I get it?

When you come to your scheduled appointment, a qualified researcher will take you through the process, and if you are able to take part in the research study, you will have the opportunity to get the birth control pill at that time.

What will happen in the research study?

If you qualify, you will need to schedule an appointment. You will be paid $75 for coming to your appointment and responding to additional questions. If the study is right for you and you decide to participate, a qualified researcher will take you through the process and provide all the information you need.

How do I sign-up?

You can click on the See If You Qualify button or click here. It should take less than 3 minutes.

Where will I need to go to take part?

You will need to go to a pharmacy or clinic in your area in order to take part in this research. If you qualify, you will see which participating study location is nearest to you.

What if I am already on a birth control pill?

Even if you are currently on a birth control pill, if you’re interested in getting a birth control pill over-the-counter you can still choose to participate.

Who will find out?

It’s your decision if you want to tell anyone. This study is fully confidential. Your details will not be shared with your doctor or health insurance and your name will never be published in the study results.

Interested or Have Questions?

Call us at 855-210-2210 or click below.